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Don't let the down payment get you down

Get a down payment from Loftium, Airbnb an extra bedroom in your new home for 12-36 months, and share the income with us.

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Buying with Loftium


Step One

Get a down payment from Loftium

We estimate Airbnb income and give you a custom down payment offer on any home.

Move in

Step Two

Move into your dream home

We provide you everything you need to start hosting, so you can focus on what matters: making your house a home.


Step Three

Airbnb your extra bedroom

You host short-term guests in the extra bedroom. We share the booking income, so you can earn up to $200-$600 per month in addition to Loftium's down payment.

Still curious? Learn how it works

The Loftium Basics

You don't pay us back

Loftium’s down payment is yours to keep. You don’t pay us back - we pay ourselves back through the Airbnb income. There’s no interest rate.

We take the risk

We stand by our income predictions. As long as you’re a good host, you’ll never be on the hook - even if your bedroom doesn’t get booked.

Loftium is not a co-owner

Loftium is not on your title. You’re the sole owner of your house - like it should be.

A passive income stream

Loftium hosts spend as little as 15 min/week hosting guests. We help automate every step, from checkin to checkout, so you can manage the unit whether at home or away.

Why buy with Loftium

Whether you’re trying to put 5% or 20% down, saving for closing costs or renovations, or looking to create a long-term passive income stream, we can help. Here are some of our homebuyer’s stories.


Bought in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Laura video
  • Get over the down payment hurdle

  • Renovate a mother-in-law

  • Create a passive income stream

Robert & Rachel

Bought in West Seattle

Robert video
  • Increase price range

  • Save funds for renovation

  • Become expert hosts with Loftium